About sKan

How it Works

The sKan is a low-cost device that will fill the gap in the melanoma diagnosis process by providing a quantitative assessment. It is based on research that indicates differences in thermal properties between melanomas and healthy skin. The device consists of temperature sensors that map out the heat activity on and around a suspicious skin lesion. This data is then analyzed by an algorithm which assesses the risk of that lesion for cancer.


The sKan has impressed many with its simple yet effective design. Check out the awards.

James Dyson Award 2017

The sKan was chosen as the international winner by James Dyson who says “by using widely available and inexpensive components, the sKan allows for melanoma skin cancer detection to be readily accessible to the many. It’s a very clever device with the potential to save lives around the world. This is why I have selected it at this year’s international winner.”

Emerging Entrepreneur and People’s Choice

At the 2017 The Forge: Startup Pitch Competition, Rotimi Fadiya of The sKan team delivered a compelling pitch that won the Emerging Entrepreneur and the People’s Choice Award.

McMaster Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Design Competition

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